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Sculptor:  Jenelle Armstrong Byrd

Edition:  Open
Medium:  Clay model for Bronze
Size:  About 7" high

 Lloyd "Frenchy" Mousseau was a member of the SOG recon team that Roy Benavidez rescued to earn his Medal of Honor.  Frenchy is depicted here springing to silently kill an enemy soldier who has just discovered his small team's hidden position.  Unfortunately shots were fired in the exchange and from that moment the vastly superior enemy force knew where the team in the area - they were "compromised".

In the ensuing action, in which the team of three Americans and 9 indigenious and Vietnamese soldiers was surrounded by several hundred NVA soldiers.  Mousseau was eventually wounded severely and was finally rescued by Roy Benavidez.

Mousseau unfortunately died aboard the medevac helicopter.  Roy was holding his hand and later wrote that he felt the life drain from him just before they landed at the Saigon hospital.

Lloyd Mousseau left a daughter, Kathy, who celebrated her third birthday a few days after he died.  See their story on the Valor Remembered Website at the website: