Wills Cabin - 1848

Commission: Wills Point HIstorical Society, Wills Point, Texas, USA.  Bronze version is on permanent display at the  Wills Point History Museum.  Note the wills family, depicted standing for a group photo in front of the right wing of the house.  The family includes the father, mother, son, little girl and their dog.  The family group, my smallest cast sculpture, stands just 1/2" high.

The available bronze edition of the cabin has a lighted interior that is visible through the open windows and doors, furnished with the few simple furniture items of the period.  The first of that edition is permanently displayed in the Wills Point Historical Society Museum, Wills Point, Texas.

Sculptor: Mark Austin Byrd

Edition: Open numbered edition of over 110 sculptures as of 2003
Medium: Bonded Bronze (similiar edition available in bronze)
Size: 8" x 4" x 2" high