Moon Goddess Front
MoonGoddess Closeup



"Moon Goddess"

Sculptor:  Jenelle Armstrong Byrd

Edition:  Open
Medium:  Clay model for Bronze
Size:  About 8" high

Mayan Moon Goddess  ---Recently, in the steaming Guatemalan jungle, a magnificent limestone carving from the 600-900 AD period was discovered.  Archeologists believe it to have been the back of a royal throne.  This throne back depicts three figures.  One is a female sitting cross-legged and reaching out to touch a mythical animal- like creature.  The third is an authoritative looking male.  The man and woman wear elaborate headdresses of feathers interwoven with their hair. The Moon Goddess represented fertility in the Mayan Culture. 

My sculpture is inspired by the figure on the limestone bas-relief, but taken to a higher level of anatomical modeling.  Her costume, a jaguar skin skirt and wide silver cuffs, her markedly sloped and tattooed forehead, and her form are a composite of paintings and sculpture from the period.  I seated her on a throne with no back, but with a few “Hieroglyphics” carved on its side.  The meanings of the symbols are under study.  Ah, the mysteries of the Mayans! --- JAB