Gordo Phelps












Title: Gordo  - Lance Corporal John "Gordo" Phelps, firing final protective fire in defense of the helicopter.   A study for historical sculpture miniature to honor Navy Cross recipient John Phelps, USMC.   by Mark Austin Byrd.

Size:  12" high 

Medium: Shown as clay maquette

THE CONCEPT.  "During the historic Pless Medal of Honor POW rescue mission on the beach at Mai Lai village, Vietnam, 19 year old Lance Corporal Phelps had to release his grip on the wounded man whom he was carrying to the helicopter and draw his 38 Special revolver.   Gordo recently told me that he fired six rounds into the chest of a charging NVA soldier who fell dead about 10 feet from Phelps, still clutching two hand grenades that fortunately failed to explode.  After that day, Gordo always carried a .45 automatic pistol, as seen in the picture of him below"
                             ........Mark Byrd








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